Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ninja Senki DX drops on PS4/Vita Feb 23.

Oh great.  Another game to desire in February.

Now it would be reasonable to think to yourself "whoah - Tribute's presentation has gone downhill since Mercenary Kings and Curses N Chaos, but before Tribute made their mark with Mercenary Kings, now-company-president Jonathan Lavigne put together NES-esque Ninja Senki as a kind of proof of identity. Ninja Senki DX is the polished-up super-edition of that five-year-old game.

So yeah.  Ninja Senki might be the classicy platformer I've been waiting for since Shovel Knight.

Of course, any time I think of Tribute, I think of the fact that Mercenary Kings was announced for Vita, but never actually came to Vita.  Well, I'm not the only one...

Fingers crossed!

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