Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Oh my. Hello, Grand Kingdom's Grand Edition. I couldn't help but notice you noticing me notice you.

And I noticed the crap out of you.  Ummmn, you so fine.

Also - a release date!  June 21, 2016 - or two weeks after Odin Sphere Leifthrasir drops.  Ohoh!

And it all looks so good!  Well most of it, at least, which is miles ahead of the Nights of Azure LE!

So let's get to the nitty-gritty.  There are basically four ways you can buy a physical copy of Grand Kingdom.

(1) The PS Vita normal launch version is just the game and nothin' else.
(2) The PS4 "launch edition" will come with a truncated 28-page art book and a 15-song soundtrack in a little crappy slipcase.
(3) The Vita Grand Edition includes everything in the bullet points below.
(4) The PS4 Grand Edition also includes everything in the bullet points below.

What follows are said bullet points:

• Grand Kingdom for PS4™ or PS Vita™
• Grand Opus: The Official Compendium of Resonail
    • Full color hardcover art book
    • 128 Gilded pages
    • Faux leather texture cover
• 15-Track original soundtrack with jewel case
• Parade poster (28.5" x 14")
• Lillia poster (20" x 28.5")
• Cloth map poster (26" x 15")
• 6 Lapel pin set
• 6 Mini art prints (5" x 7")
• Transparent decal sticker sheet (6" x 10")
• Collector's box

So let's see it!


Oh so cooool why doesn't Vanillaware do stuff like this?!

See: Above!  Very nice.

Who the F is Lillia?

I'm down wit dat.

Not too shabby.

Ummmn yeah.  You know exactly what I like.

Oh now you're just messing with me!

Oh right, and the game!  Yes!  Important!  Which, by the way, will include both Japanese and English voice options!

So, the next question is, what're we lookin' at for price?  We are lookin' at...

Vita standard: $39.99 

PS4 Launch Day Edition: $59.99  

Vita Grand Edition $79.99  

PS4 Grand Edition $99.99

And you know I'm down for a Vita Grand Edition!  Totally puttin' down money on that when I pick up the Dying Light Enhanced Edition next week. 

Oh Grand Kingdom.  You know exactly how to push my buttons, don't you?  

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