Friday, February 26, 2016

Salt and Sanctuary is actually coming soon! (ish)

This post over on the PlayStation Blog is mostly about how Ska Studios have (surprisingly) added multiplayer to the game - but that's not where the interesting information is.  If you already know that Salt and Sanctuary is a grimdark 2D platforming riff on the (spectacular, legendary, masterful) Souls series by the team behind excellent, hardcore indie brawlers Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, you're probably less interested in any new bells and whistles than you are in when can I play this give it to me nao. 

Well, for the answer to that, we look to Twittah.  An announcement of the release date is on the horizon.

If you read that Blog post, though, and you're like me (and aren't we all the same on the inside?), your next question was "this post only mentions the PS4 version don't tell me the Vita version is in trouble noooooo!" Which is less of a question than a nervous shriek, but Ska have that covered too:

Which is, y'know, nice to hear, but... let's dig
a bit deeper.  First of all, Ska Studios is just two people.  Just getting the thing running on PS4 was probably a trial.  Second - to go off-topic for a moment - d'y'know what programming language the announced-for-Vita-but-never-showed-up Mercenary Kings was written in?  C# (pronounced C-sharp) - which Tribute have suggested is where they hit the roadblocks on Vita.  Apparently the language and the handheld just don't play nice.

I wouldn't mention it, but... wanna' take a guess on what language Salt and Sanctuary was written in...?  (It's at the bottom of this FAQ.)


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