Friday, February 5, 2016

There are more Uppers trailers. Imagine that.

First off, we've got a tatted-up Young Undertaker-lookin' dude with some sort of savage cats-claw style.  More interesting to me, is the second character in the vid - Liu Wuchang - who's clearly using a bit of Shaolin style, or traditional Chinese wushu.  Lovely movement.

And it's also nice to see that the heroes just don't decide "now's the right moment to facedive into a lady's crotch."  It just happens to happen because he got thrown into her!  Comedy.

But plot!  Because he becomes so energized by his close proximity to a lady's lady bits that he gets powered up, and inspired to fight on!

And then two other dudes!

Siliconera is trying to tell me that Hiroshi Kanemaru - the smarmy dude in the hat - is using drunk style, but man, I don't see it.  If anything it looks like Bājíquán (Hakkyoku-ken - Akira's fighting style in Virtua Fighter) to me.

Also he didn't mean to grab that girl's breasts!  That dude pushed him!  The cad!

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