Monday, March 21, 2016

Easy Allies launches today and I am in like Flint.

The GameTrailers crew are BACK, BABY!  First, enjoy this touching and hilarious intro video.

Then, enjoy this slightly-awkward but honest announcement of their crowdfunding venture on Patreon.

That's right!  Brandon Jones, Daniel Bloodworth, Kyle Bosman, Mike Huber, Ian Hinck, Ben Moore, Brad Ellis, Don Casanova, and Michael Damiani.  That is a lot of white dudes, but they're also the white dudes who gave me some of the best gaming-related video content of the past decade, so yes.  Yes, I am in.

Their base goal was just $200 per month, for which they promised regular streams.  But the more they get per month, the more they'll do - like so...

Subscriber Song - $200 per month
The New Couch - $800 per month
Production Equipment - $1,000 per month
A Respectable Gaming PC - $2,000 per month
Mike Huber’s New Show - $4,000 per month
The Return of our D & D Adventure - $6,000 per month
Ian Hinck’s New Show - $8,000 per month
A Second Podcast - $10,000 per month
Reviews Reborn - $15,000 per month
Michael Damiani’s New Show - $20,000 per month
The Return of Retrospectives - $30,000 per month
A New Studio - $50,000 per month

Why doesn't Bosman have a show on that list?  Will we get a Bosman show regardless?  Whatever - the part that's most important to me are the reviews, at $15K.  

When I woke up at like 6:30 AM this morning, the Patreon was up to $10,000.  By the time we pulled in to the parking lot at my office, it was at $12,000.  When I got home, it was at $20,000, and I finally had an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is.  

It now sits at $23K, and continues to climb.  They may actually get a new studio.  Kinda' Funny Games, for comparison, pulls in $37K per month from Patreon.  

To kick things off, the boys began a 12-hour megastream over on their Twitch page, so here's what you need to know: 

Welcome back, you beautiful boys.  We love you. 


  1. This... is the future of journalism. I say that without a SHRED of irony.

    1. It is almost the literal definition. Keeping a video record of like, half of your life is probably one of the most successful realizations of the form - even if it's not consistently brilliant, insightful and enlightening.