Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Enter the Gungeon has a release date.

Also I have a game diary.

Last night I was quite distressed to not see Assault Android Cactus on the PlayStation Store.  I'm sure an earlier release date listing had it at March 1st, but it was nowhere to be found - turns out it's coming next week, on March 8th.

Oh well.  I can wait a few days.  So, with nothing else new that piqued my interest (Croxlieur Sigma piqued my curiosity, but failed to crack my wallet), I relented and downloaded Broforce what with the free-on-PS+ thing.

Tried it out.  Put a half-hour into it.  Hit the PS button.  Switched over to Primal and began running through the hills.

Broforce is... like a joke game.  It has one joke - which is briefly charming - but that's kind of it.  I think I'd probably put a few hours into it, were it on my Vita, but it's just not something I'm interested in playing on the PS4.  There's no depth, here, that I can discern, no real need for skill or strategy and no reason I can identify that the jump button doesn't let me jump about fifteen per cent of the time.

It pretty much just makes me want to go back and play Mercenary Kings again (which I do enjoy, for the record, on my PS4 - I just acknowledge I'd enjoy it more on a Vita).  Broforce would be fine for short bursts on a train or in a cab or in a waiting room or on a toilet, but not in my Gaming Room.  There are finer vintages to enjoy, therein.  For example - for some reason - the below trailer actually hypes me quite a bit for Enter the Gungeon.

Again, this is a game that I think I'd enjoy more on my Vita, but it also looks zany and charismatic and deep enough to glue me to a television screen for an hour or more.  I appreciate the dodge-rolls and the table-flips and the detailed environments.

So I think I'll enjoy Enter the Gungeon when it drops - and drop it will, on April 5th - for PS4 and PC.

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