Saturday, March 19, 2016

In Vita news... (!)

(I lurve mah Vita.)

First up, Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book was confirmed for localization to the west, yesterday, by Koei Tecmo.  It'll have a physical limited edition for PS4, but will be PSN-only for Vita.  Which is a real surprise, from Tecmo.  They've had a lot of success with their colourful RPGs' special editions on Vita, but I suppose this might be taken as an indication that the sales numbers aren't where they need to be, there.

It is to cry.  It'll drop June 10th, and June is already jam-frickin'-packed with titles that my Vita needs in them now (Odin Sphere's localization, Grand Kingdom), so I'll probably end up grabbing it on a sale.  ...given that I haven't actually put Escha & Logy Plus into my Vita yet...

Best Buds vs. Bad Guys was announced for Vita this week.  It looks okay.  Ish. Elsewhere...

DnD-inspired action-platformer Unepic has an official release date on PS4 and Vita - March 29th in North America and March 30th in Europe!  So that'll be happening soon.

[update] And then like five minutes ago the dudes from Image & Form (Steamworld Dig, Steamworld Heist) put up a little Q&A on YouTube.  The first question they addressed was "when will [Steamworld Heist] come to other platforms, and which platform first?"

Answer: "Soon," which they immediately clarified as "as soon as we can manage it," then they re-listed all the planned platforms (PC, Mac, Linus, iOS, Xbox One, PS4 and Vita) and reconfirmed a 2016 release for all of them.  As for which one first..?  They don't know.


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