Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mind if I just dump a bunch of Far Cry Primal screens?

No?  Cool.  There's thirty-six of 'em.  None are action shots, tragically - it's all just characters and landscapes - because when a wolf pack comes trotting out of the mist towards me, I'm too busy sweeping into a more favorable position to hit the share button. These are direct-feed PNGs, straight from the PS4, so this whole post is like 115MB.

Click to embiggen.

The game opens with a pretty-on-rails mammoth takedown.
One of those 'this-is-how-awesome-it'll-be-later' moments.

Actually, until you sign up for Ubisoft Club, the game starts with Ubisoft Club stopping you from starting the game.
And then the controls kind of wig out so you can't select anything on the Primal menu or the Club menu.
It's super-frustrating!

Behold.  Oros.

Sayla the Gatherer is the first friendly face you meet, after that mammoth hunt goes south.
Okay well she tries to kill you at first, but then she becomes your buddy.

These jerkwads called the Udam like to raid your fledgling village.
They're jerks.  And I'll show them.

I went in to the Ubisoft Club thing just to make it stop being a dick every time I opened the game.
It wanted me to spend Ubipoints on weapons or something.
No dice.

Jayma the Hunter is a frickin' spectacular character design.

Frickin' Spectacular.

Your tribe, the Wenja, leave offerings to the natural world throughout Oros.  This offering of flowers draped across a Tall Elk's horn, on a stone in a shallow river, was too gorgeous not to capture.
Man I wish the HUD just disappeared for screenshots.

Karoosh the Warrior can teach you takedowns.

Tensay the Shaman teaches you to command the beasts of Oros.
This would also make an amazing header.

Everything going orange would be weird if it didn't transition into it so beautifully, and pay off so well.

This game's "god rays" are really cool.  They're not perfect, but they're totally dynamic. As the sun or moon glide across the sky, their rays will cut across the landscape and bend around trees, mountains and huts.  When sunlight filters through trees, the dapple pattern it creates dances back and forth, independently across individual blades of grass.
It's seriously amazing.

Children play at fishing in the Wenja village.

At night in the village, the people of my tribe max and relax.

Oh so that's why you want all those ears, Sayla.
Have we had a conversation about post-traumatic stress?  Because I think my therapist could really help you.

Wenja 4 lyfe.

Well maybe you shouldn't have let me cage you up, then - y'ever consider that?

The nature totems and rock sculptures of the Wenja.
In Canada, we just call those rock sculptures Inukshuks.  It's a whole thing.

My people grow strong.

I saw these two kids in the long grass overlooking the river, and thought they were playing.
Nope.  I watched that little girl pull up a big rock, investigate the grubs beneath it, and chow down.
My people strong.

I seriously love the cave paintings. 

This is the tail end of a particularly long spelunking expedition.  Seeing the welcoming rays of the Sun cutting across the evil bone trees of the Udam... hope and fear, together. 

A low mist blankets the valley.

I know it's based on the Far Cry 4 topography, but it sure doesn't feel like it when you're playing.


  1. They could have easily not given their characters so many africanized features.

    This design team should get one hell of a pat on the back. You KNOW they had at least one investor meeting about it where they had to defend it.

    1. Yep, it's really nice. The Izila (the dude in the cage) often have rather Caucasian features, but their tribe is very reminiscent of South American historical stuff - Sun gods and blood sacrifices, and so on. The Udam almost look like a cross between a cro-magnon and like a British goon, and your people the Wenja have almost uniformly African characteristics - but culturally, they're very similar to North American indigenous peoples. I'm actually super-pleased with the game all 'round, except for one aspect, which I cover in this week's podcast.

      P.S. Chamberlain's supposed to get in touch with you re: the podcast. Harass him if he hasn't by like, Thursday.

  2. Oh sweet! I'll do that.

    To get invited to do something is one thing. To be invited to do it again is quite another ;)