Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Twitter News!

Man, GameOverGreggy is a Vita scoop machine, lately.  Severed really is coming soon!

Elsewhere, RiME doesn't appear to be a PlayStation exclusive any more.

There are lots of questions around that, and Tequilaworks ain't talkin'.  [update] But this anonymous source at NeoGaf is.  Sounds like all we ever saw of Rime were prerendered trailers, and basically zip got done on the actual game, and Sony pulled funding because nothing was getting done.  File that under rumor. [/update]

Also on Twitter, 17-Bit (developers of best-game-of-2015 Galak-Z), retweeted and hearted this tweet about their game:

And I'm like fuck you don't give me hope!  So I tweet

And 17-Bit fucking Hearts it!


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