Thursday, March 17, 2016

Star Ocean 5 combat explanation videos.


Of course it would be easier for it to be explained to me, super-important English-native that I am, if it weren't all in Japanese, but there's one thing these videos manage to say just fine...


...and that is that Star Ocean 5 is a pretty darned good-looking JRPG.  Like seriously, it's this, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts.  Everything else looks like a PS3 up-port (because they often are.)

...which reminds me, maybe I should give Nights of Azure a second look... 

Nah.  I've got enough to play.  And actually... wow, yeah.  That's pretty much it for today's interesting news unless you count the fact that I didn't cover Star Wars: Battlefront coming to VR exclusively on PlayStation, or Star Wars Battlefront getting DirectX 12 support exclusively on Xbox One.

Way to give a little Star Wars Battlefront exclusivity to everyone, EA!  You are truly no one's enemy.  Except Dead Space.

So I'm gonna' go play some more Estival.  Tomorrow night is gonna' be Salt and Sanctuary all night, I think.

Sweet, sweet Friday.  How I long for thee. 

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