Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thumper is coming to PSVR!

And it's definitely coming this year they say!  YUSS!

Chamberlain, you asked what the Killer App for PSVR was?

Well, for lack of a better contender, for me it's...

I've had a huge crush on Thumper since its first trailer, and this - finally - is a game that I would absolutely love to play in VR.  I can't think of any others that would inspire me to purchase the headset, but hot diggity dog, that's a good start!

More deets here.


  1. That is...

    Not impressive. It looks like a poorer cousin of Rez. Now if Rez was actually released for PSVR then we might have something to talk about.

    1. Well... it is coming to PSVR. Does that count?