Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What do you think of paying sixty bucks for No Man's Sky?

I only ask because yesterday, when the PlayStation Store was updated, a preorder appeared for the game, putting it at your standard sixty bucks (American).  The listing was quickly removed (it had a date of 3/3 on it, so it may appear on March 3rd) - but it's the Internet and people were paying attention and some of those folks got all bent out of shape over the price.

I have no idea why anyone would be distressed at the thought of paying sixty dollars for an infinitely-huge procedurally-generated sci-fi universe - in my head, at least, No Man's Sky was always a sixty dollar game - but perhaps I'm in the minority, here?

Charge $100 if you want.  I'm in on day one.  Fingers crossed we get a new trailer tomorrow to announce the preorder!

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