Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dark Souls III's launch trailer is Max Sexy.

Like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, like Carrie Fisher in Jedi, the launch trailer for Dark Souls III takes the needle on the Sexy-O-Meter and flings it well past what had previously been imagined as "peak sexy."

This is not Brad Pitt in Fight Club, but it is Brad Pitt and very sexy.
But - as we've established - not as sexy as this trailer.

From now on, "peak sexy" can only be considered "Dark Souls III launch trailer sexy."

A word of warning to those of you wishing to avoid spoilers - this has tons of enemy and boss spoilers.

It's also incredibly attractive.

So hey.  Hey, Dark Souls III trailer.  You busy later?


  1. that's Thelma and Louise... right?

  2. Correct Sir! Won a people's choice for best love scene as I recall.