Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Darkest Dungeon is now playable on Vita.

I was in a bad mood at work today.  A real, real bad mood.  I wanted someone to come over and give me lip just so I could tear into them (I probably wouldn't!  I'd just be sullen!).  Then I went outside for a cigarette, checked Twitter, and my mood changed completely. 

And then Wayne June (DD's narrator) liked my tweet!  (!!!!!)

This is huge, to me.  Just the fact that somewhere out there is a playable build of Darkest Dungeon on Vita.  There's no going back from this!  This is actually happening, people!

When is it happening?  Well, later than Red Hook had initially hoped - but that's par for the course with indies.  Instead of Spring/Summer 2016, it'll be late summer, according to today's update over at the Darkest Dungeon site.

We have previously announced Late Spring/Early Summer as a target for PS4 and Vita release. With the adjustment of schedules and matching up with potential future events we are now targeting late July or August. We want to make sure that all of the Town Event contents we are working on now are solid for inclusion into the console release, as well as making sure it runs like butter and plays well with a controller. Adjusting controls, in particular, is not a quick process.  We have a level of quality that we want to ensure in all of our releases and we would rather take some extra time to make it right, rather than rush it out the door. The awesome and talented Sickhead Games has been helping us with the porting.

We remain incredibly excited to bring the game to PS4 and Vita, and we have seen such enthusiasm from the community, as well. Sony has been a fantastic partner to work with, and we can’t wait to make a big Summer splash with the game!"

Elsewhere, the update also has a ton of news about new content coming to the game - specifically the Town Events that, now, sound pret-ty darned cool.

Let’s talk Town Events. We have now been full steam on Town Events for the past few weeks, and we’re excited about the new features! With the added time we have been able to digest our own internal feedback to the system, as well as the feedback we’ve received from our community.

Last time we talked about Town Events we wanted to put a clear definition out there as to what we want to accomplish with the added system. To reiterate:

‘Town Events’ are designed to add variety to the Hamlet over the course of a campaign. Upon returning from an expedition, there is a chance for a thematic event to trigger in town – this functions akin to a deck of event cards.

Town Events add variety to the overall campaign and also provide additional personality to the Hamlet itself! In some cases, the events are related to quests.  For example, the ALL SAINTS DAY event has a high chance to proc after successfully completing the Ruins Gather Holy Relics Quest. ALL SAINTS DAY sends the Abbey into a zealous celebration, and makes all treatments there free for that week!. We like this example as it helps answer a common community concern on the value of the various gather/destroy quests that we’ve had in the game for a long time, and have been criticized for their loss in value due to inventory restrictions.

Town Events are currently planned to deploy in mid to late May. We will also be circulating the patch on the “Coming in Hot” beta branch before wide release, so stay tuned for details if you wish to be one of the first to try out the update!"
Ugh.  Just... so happy about this.

So awesome Exist Archive news yesterday, awesome Darkest Dungeon news today.  Here's hopin' tomorrow is 13 Sentinels news day!

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