Monday, April 11, 2016

Gears of War 4's cinematic trailer is the worst Gears of War cinematic trailer.

I'm not even going to show you the new one first.  First, I want you to look at the one that started it all, and sold a million Xbox 360s:

The Mad World trailer is a classic for good reason.  It says nothing about the plot, and everything about (1) the feel and (2) the spectacular other-ness that Gears brought to the table.  It shows us so much about the world and instantly makes us care about whether or not Do-Rag McGee will make it out of this one.

Then, we have Gears 4's trailer.

Do-Rag McGee had a kid, and that kid is running from... something?  Through the woods?  And there's a creepy black monster after him but nothing approaches the actual world-building and exceptional design of the Mad World trailer.

Disappointed.  I'm always a little hyped for Gears trailers but I give this one one pinkie up.  That's as close to a thumb as I can muster.


  1. The trailer doesn't need to do any world building, the world is built. This the passing of the torch from Marcus to his son. The whole first trilogy was Marcus looking for his Dad and he found him just in time for his father to be turned to ash in his hands. Marcus was done with war, settled down, found a wife and had a kid.

    ...of course that isn't going to work out. I predict Marcus will be dead in the first act, if he shows up at all.