Saturday, April 23, 2016

Personal Note - that's a start.

The middle cabinet housed Kayla`s figures.  Except Batman.  (I`m Batman.)`
Our collection actually got a lot bigger before the second move.

Once upon a time, I had a pretty respectable figure collection.  I still do, actually - they just haven't been displayed.

Just before Christmas - which was the least-Christmassy Christmas of all my Christmasses - Kayla told me it had been a pretty bad year.  I'd tried to remain upbeat, at the time - I told her there had been a lot of good in the past year - but truth be told I was kind of... crushed.  I'd shut down, given up.  I was running on autopilot.

After the last move, I hadn't even set up my Detolf cabinets and unpacked my figures.  Momohime, Gwendolyn, Snake, Nendo Snake, Selvaria and the Dragon's Crown Crew all remained in their boxes, high in a closet.

Then Christmas happened and we were all sitting in an emergency room together and I told Kayla that she was right.  She was right.  It had been a really, really shitty year.

Weirdly enough, just after my Dad went into the hospital, I found I was regularly distracting myself from the horrors of reality with the thought of the above Katsuragi figure.  With Kayla`s encouragement, I nabbed her, set her up on a bookshelf, and mostly forgot about figures.

As a result of Dad going in to the hospital, some new responsibilities sprung up and I didn't have the luxury of autopilot any more.  There were people who needed care, and few hands to help (God bless Kayla, Rowan and Matt), and these new responsibilities along with a yet-bigger workload at my job (which recently ballooned again!) meant that when I came home and gazed upon the husks of a pair of once-bountiful Detolfs, I couldn't bring myself to give.  A.  Shit.

Figures were far and away that last thing I cared about.  Months ago - the lion's share of a year ago, really, though - certain figures had come up for preorder at AmiAmi and I had jumped on them.  What happens, with AmiAmi, is you lay down these preorders and almost forget about 'em in the intervening months.  Then an email pops up asking you to pay for it, and you do, and it usually ships out the next day.  And so I kept payin' for them, because yes, if I were to think about it, I absolutely want the only figure that seems to exist of Mako Makanshoku in her two-star Fight Club uniform.

And months ago when the Vader Nendoroid went up for preorder, I put my name on the list.

Same with Raiden.  I mean, it`s not like Raiden is my favorite - though it might be worth noting that MGS2 is probably my favorite of the series - but if I`m going to have Solid Snake and Venom Snake I really should complete the set.

And they would show up and Kayla would ask where I planned to put them and I would shrug.

"Nowhere," I'd say.  The boxes for Vader, Mako and Raiden are still on bookshelves, unsealed and unopened.  Then, last week, AmiAmi fired an email at me to let me know that Cornelius and Velvet were ready to ship, and would I kindly provide them with ‎¥15,700?

The figure had been produced to help promote Odin Sphere Leifthrasir's Japanese release.  Or maybe (manufacturer) Alter just figured the game's HD up-port would invigorate the Otaku market.  Either way, an Odin Sphere figure was finally being produced that didn't only feature one of the game's lovely ladies.  (Gwendolyn, Mercedes and Velvet have all had solo figures in the past.)

This figure showed Velvet and Cornelius, in his cursed Pooka form - both looking suitably gorgeous and powerful - and reminds me that one of the things I love most about Odin Sphere is its operatic story, and the melodramatic tale of these two star-crossed lovers.  And it's not like money isn't tight lately.  It is.  Tighter than it's ever been, in fact.  But... I paid it.

Usually Japan's EMS shipments will get around the world and to my door in five days with a Stat holiday in between.  Velvet and Cornelius got hung up in Vancouver, because there's some sort of problem with the receiving office there, and delivery was "attempted" yesterday - if you count walking up to the door and putting a slip in the mailbox that says "go out of your way to go to a post office and pick it up tomorrow" before bolting back to your mail truck as "attempting delivery."


Either way, I didn't think I wanted Velvet and Cornelius to remain in their box.  And I sure didn't want to leave them on a bookshelf where a psychotic feline may feel the need to abuse them.

So today I spent about an hour rummaging through still-unpacked boxes to locate the little screws and allen keys and rubber parts that are required to assemble a Detolf.  Then I spent about an hour assembling a Detolf.  Then I went down to the post office and walked out with a box about the size of two PS4 boxes.

And there they are.

It's a very sparse little shelf, at the moment.  And at some point in the move, a crack appeared in the front door of the thing.

But it's a start.  Maybe I'll set up Mako next.