Monday, April 11, 2016

Severed launches on Vita on April 26th.

Because April doesn't have enough awesome indies to care about.

But that's fine.  That's fine.  Any other thing I'm playing can just step to the side, 'cause DrinkBox Studios is comin' through.

It'll cost $14.99.

But less if you're a PS+ subscriber.

And you can buy the OST from Yamantaka//Sonic Titan and Pantayo right now on Bandcamp.

I actually gave the game a pretty decent breakdown like two days ago when a dev said on a stream that the game was two weeks out from being finished, which led me to believe it hadn't been submitted to Sony yet, but here it is and it's coming in April so just get out of the way, Rocketbirds 2, I'll deal with you later!

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