Sunday, May 29, 2016

I guess folks are being... less than kind to the No Man's Sky team.

What with the delay and all.


I guess I forget about how rich and full my life is until we're reminded that there are people who will threaten physical harm over shit like this.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm passionate - but the extent of my vitriol towards publishers and developers tends to max out at the "fuck you" level.  Which I try to make a funny "fuck you" anyway.

Like with Spongebob or somethin'.

This week's Fuck You goes out to Deep Silver, who couldn't be bothered to put both Dead Island games on the Dead Island Definitive Edition disc for PS4!

Fuck you, Deep Silver!


  1. If I have learned anything working retail, it's that there are a lot of incredibly entitled people out there. I hate using the word "entitled" when talking about games and gamers because it is grossly overused, and often incorrectly and disingenuously, but I think it's appropriate here when talking about death threats. I realize that in many cases it's probably just trolls gunning for a reaction, but that doesn't really make it much better.

    While I'm sure No Man's Sky will be excellent for what it is, there's only so much that can be put in a game like this within a reasonable amount of time. People's expectations of what this game will deliver are far too unreasonable for the amount of time it's been in development, and they're still demanding it come out sooner than later.

    People. What a bunch of bastards.

    1. I never worked retail, but I've done some restaurant work - there were definitely some horror stories, but I remember it being more of a blend of monstrous assholes, beautiful angels and a sea of bland forgettables.

      I worked at a 50s diner once, and there was this little Asian dude with a mustache and a thick Sco'ish brogue who would come in every day like clockwork. He was endlessly polite and pleasant, always ordered a little something to nosh and finished it off by selecting a tea (often different each day) from this little box of various teas we had. He was pretty much the only one who ever ordered tea - it was a vanilla Coke and milkshakes sorta place - but again, just a nice, sweet man who always tipped like three bucks on a five dollar check.

      Scottish Asian Man, wherever you are, you've still charmed the pants off me.