Saturday, May 28, 2016

I haven't been paying much attention to Overwatch on the blog.

But it's been impossible to ignore, elsewhere.  Everywhere I go is Overwatch this and Overwatch that - which must be what Chamberlain feels like when a Souls game happens - and often happens when a new Call of Duty or Halo Whatever launches, but this time I found myself actually starting to give a shit.

Perhaps this is the result of Acti-Blizzard's phenomenal media campaign - all those cool little mini-movies and comics and trailers.

I ended up watching some reviews (saddened that Easy Allies' review hadn't been put out, at the time), I watched some character tips videos (for some reason I'm leaning towards Mercy, if I were to play), and today Kayla and I went to Best Buy to check out getting me a new phone.  My current phone likes to disable its own ability to turn on, once in a while, which I disapprove of - but the cell phone agent guy at Best Buy couldn't get me a plan that was as reasonable as my current plan, so I said forget that and picked up a charging cable for my Vita(s).  Lord knows those'll be hard to find, one day.

Then, at the checkout, I asked the girl behind the counter to get Overwatch out of the cage.  I imagine playing it, right now, will kinda' be like playing Team Fortress 2 on the ground floor back in the day.  I love the character designs, I love how mechanically different they all seem to be, how tactically interesting, and maybe I'll have time this weekend to give it a spin.

In other news I saw a little comic thing on Twitter yesterday that I just had to retweet, if only to rib Alex a little bit.


  1. Oh... you got me chance. Got me good! Christ, we're down to 2,000 on pc