Thursday, May 5, 2016

Persona 5 launches September 15th (in Japan).

When's it comin' west?  No idea!  But here's a new four-minute trailer that shows off some new characters I'll be very pleased to kick ass with.

And (aside from the girl in black leather punching guys until they explode), this is the best part of the trailer:

Hahaha he's asleep but his sleeping mask has eyes on it so you think he's like super awake.


  1. Am I a bad nerd for not liking Persona games?

  2. Why are Japanese fat people more toad than man?

    1. Because when you reach a certain weight threshold, and are of Japanese heritage, your eyes begin to look in two different directions because there's a fatty lobe of the brain pushing at the eyes from behind.

      That's just (racist, untrue) science.

    2. excuse me, i just meant in anime.

    3. ...and I may have over reacted. Or did I? Is someone offended? I've had a long day.

    4. Ohhh I had assumed you meant anime, but you're right. Now that I read it, it's just racist.