Monday, May 16, 2016

Some douchenozzle is trying to cash in on the Easy Allies Patreon success.

So y'all remember Easy Allies, right?  GameTrailers got shut down, and the lovable GT crew turned around, started up a Patreon for game streaming, weekly shows and reviews, and got handed thirty-seven grand per month to do their thing.  It's such a boggling success that the folks at Patreon went ahead this week and highlighted the group's success while attempting to explain it.

Well, this morning I woke up to news that some bumface had started a Patreon called Eazy Allies.  With a Z - get it?  Totally different!  Except not.  They just ripped off the entire Easy Allies Patreon page, from the font to all of the text, advertising itself as the Patreon of Brandon Jones, Kyle Bosman, Ben Moore, Mike Huber, Daniel Bloodworth and that guy who used to do funny stuff with Elyse Willems.

When I poked my head in there this morning, they were earning $15 per month - so someone had fallen for it, or they had put the money in the pot themselves to look less shitty.  As of right now, it's sitting at $0.00 - so hopefully Patreon has basically shut the thing down.

Way to keep being a jerk, People on the Internet!

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