Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Techland is doin' frickin' awesome.

Fancy Dying Light 2?  Hellraid?  Well good news...
"I would like to share some good news with all the fans of Techland’s games: we’re currently working on not one, but two new titles. We estimate their total budget to be around USD 77 million, so these will be so-called AAA games. In order to give the teams working on these projects creative independence, each project is being developed in a different place. The first one is created by the Wroclaw-based studio, and the second one is being made by Techland Warszawa. Techland’s third studio, which is based in Vancouver, is providing technological support for both titles. 
Our main target is to give the gamers two huge titles within the next two years that will be even more successful than Dying Light. I assure you that they are worth the wait!"

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