Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What the hell is going on in the Grand Kingdom online trailer?

I knew Grand Kingdom had an online component, but this is insaaaane.

The online is way deeper and more complicated than I'd ever imagined.

And yes, I've been checking out the beta, which has hyped me wayyy more for Grand Kingdom than all of the trailers combined.  The easy-to-grasp hard-to-master intricacies of its movement and tactics, the fact that (almost) every single attack you direct at your foes requires your input, timing and skill to execute correctly, and the amazing presentation has encoiled my heart in crimson ribbons of love.

And then I checked out the online.  You can only participate in 3 online wars per day, but they are sizable, challenging scenarios - and they are built on the squads that other players throw online!  If I'm playing with my squad online, other players will face off against AI-controlled versions of my carefully-picked-and-pruned soldiers, as I face off against their weird costume choices and squad makeup.

It's so good you guys!  And super challenging!  And so good looking!


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