Monday, June 6, 2016

Horizon Zero Dawn - Aloy's Journey Trailer.

Well, this is still lovely, and I remain super-hyped for it.  But this trailer throws up a few things in the negative column:

  • Why on Earth would you releases a trailer that makes a big mystery of Aloy's origins and then answers that question in the same bloody trailer?  That's idiotic. I am now less curious about Aloy because I know she comes from some folks who've mastered the technology of this world to the point that they clearly have programmable bio-security scanners.  
  • I don't think this writing is all that great.  
Elsewhere - pleased.  A good-looking game with a badass lady protagonist who's not wearing a revealing tank top or painted-on pants, in which you fight robot dinosaurs with a bow and arrow.  Fuckyeah.  It's been pushed from its announced 2016 release window - but who's surprised by that?  No one, that's who.  

Coming February 28, 2017.  Oh, and there's a special edition I think I'm gonna' have to go for.'s pronbably gonna' be like $150...

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