Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Eurogamer has the straight deets on Nintendo's NX.

The legends were true!

Okay, so here's the idea -

  • it's basically a tablet with detachable half-controllers on each side. 
  • when you come home, you dock it into a station attached to your TV to play on your TV. 
  • the next Zelda will run on it.
  • unlike every other Nintendo platform since like forever, it will not be backwards compatible, because...
  • its games will come on cartridges
  • If that mock-up is actually reflective of the design of the NX's controllers, the NX's controllers suck.  
Eurogamer's got the leak info, and they're pretty reliable with this stuff, so it's probably true!  

If it is true, I'm almost-definitely not getting an NX.  Unless Flinthook appears on it.  

Go ahead and google Flinthook, it's fine.  You should know what it is, but it's fine


  1. Clears throat.



    1. Part of me is aroused at the thought of the Vita II. The rest of me is recoiling at the mock-up of the controller(s), dizzy at the thought of what is essentially a handheld running the new Zelda, and very suspicious that this thing's batter life could be better than ninety minutes.