Thursday, July 14, 2016

Overwatch art!

To begin, observe the work of fabled artist Olly Moss.

Olly Moss has done a ton of cool stuff for gaming in general.  Remember the awesome cover for Resistance 3?

Remember the adorable Last of Us fan art he did?

Olly Moss!  So yeah, he did a series of six Overwatch images.  I'm very tempted by Sad Keanu Reaper.

You can buy one or all of these adorable little images on Olly's site today - for twenty-four hours only!  So naturally, I bought a Mercy.

But let's move on to other Overwatch art.  There's so much.


Electric Bunny Comics.

And now let's just do some straight-up awesome fan art.  I love this Tracer/Roadhog duel.

Elsewhere in The Case of Roadhog V Tracer...

Winston stood Lena UP?!  He is a beast!

You monster, Winston!

You adorable monster!

 How 'bout some McCree stuff?  There's some cool McCree stuff!

Annnd for the last one... it's a smidge NSFW because you can see a tiny bit of an areola and also a lady is getting shot through the chest.  But it's also amazing, so I'm putting it behind a page break. For those of you unwilling to brave such inappropriate materials, please enjoy this adorable rhyming trio.

Oh and this dangerously cute one.

And now the crazy one.


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