Saturday, July 16, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 9: Short Stuff!

I wasn't able to put as much time into Overwatch as I would've liked yesterday, but I still got some cool stuff done.  Locked down point A on Hollywood with Zarya, shut down a Bastion ult with Reinhardt, and I learned how to teabag.

Yes, teabag.  I don't mean that awful thing that folks in FPSs like to do to each other, but I do mean giving a member of the enemy team a friendly, good-natured middle finger.  Our show begins with Mercy doing her good Mercy work.

0:00 - 0:28 : Good Mercy work!  I'm here, I'm there, I'm flyin' all over the place.  Reinhardt needs heals!  Oop, D.Va needs heals, be right back Rein!  Uhoh, Hanzo needs heals!  Reinhardt needs heals again and...

Really, I think this story is at its most delicious when told from the perspective of the enemy Reinhardt.

"So I'm attacking on Gibraltar, and I get into this straight-up duel with an enemy Reinhardt.  We're probably fighting one-on-one for about ten seconds before his Mercy swoops in to heal him, and he charges me into a wall - but I'm still alive so I charge him across the room, away from the Mercy.  After the pin he's down to like 5% health, and one swing finishes him off.  Wham.

Then the Mercy fucking rezzes him.

Then she kills me.

Fucking Mercies, man.  Fucking Mercies."

And that's how Mercy teabags you.

0:28 - 0:59 : I'm jammin' through Hollywood attack on the payload as Reinhardt, and this Tracer gets a bit too close for comfort, so I hop down and give her a few swings of the hammer.  Then Reaper is right in the middle of our crew, and that's not where we want him, so I hammer him a little bit, as I hear their Bastion activate his ult.

A quick pit stop for a light health kit snack, and then Hammer Down!  Sorry Bastion, you're not wiping my team today.

0:59 - 1:17 : Two of my favorite words, when combined: Zarya and Hollywood.  Just a quick double-kill to whet our appetites.

1:17 - 2:04 : Really, this clip does not show me doing some awesome shit as Zarya (though shielding the Rein from the Hog's scrapgun-to-the-face was nice, and put me up to 100 charge!), but it shows the final clearing of point A on defense, the victory screen, and oh my God gold elims on Zarya yusss!

Gold gold gold silver yusss!

2:04 - 2:15 : These guys just wrecked me and a team of randos in quick play, popping ults like they were candy.  I switched to Pharah in a last-ditch attempt to counter the team as a whole.  They didn't have a good Pharah counter, so I figured I would rain rockets from above and make it easier for my team to wreck 'em.

It... did not go well, but I did pull off this ridiculous ult shutdown.  Justice reigns from ab-aaaaugh!

Coulda' got that shot off a little sooner, but still!  Satisfyin'.

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