Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Still keeping watch, Over.


Yeah, 'cause we really need two snipers.

There's news left and right on Overwatch today! NeoGAF folks are insisting that a patch appeared on PC today that lowers the duration of overtime and addresses some of competitive play's bugs, but I can't find those patch notes anywhere but in an image on GAF.

Still, I have to think it's legit, 'cause if you're going to make up a patch, I like to think you'd make it better than bug fixes and shortened overtime.

Elsewhere, Blizzard themselves have finally, really teased what everyone expects will be Sombra - the support sniper who is widely suspected to be the first character added to the game.  Which suddenly has a lot of weight, given that they've tweeted an image of a "biotic" sniper rifle.

J. Morrison and G. Reyes (top-left) are the real names of Soldier 76 and Reaper, back when they were on the same side with the Overwatch organization.  This appears to be a sniper rifle that uses the "biotic" technology found in Mercy's Caduceus staff and Soldier's biotic field healing AoE.  There are two popular theories as to Sombra's identity:

Theory #1: Sombra is Ana Amari - Pharah's mother (believed dead) and an ex-member of Overwatch.

Theory #2: Sombra is the little girl from the Hero short - the final short that appeared before the game's release, featuring Soldier 76 saving a young girl in Dorado - a south/central-American esque locale.

I'm leaning towards  #2, for three reasons.  One, Ana Amari is probably dead.  Two, Sombra means "shadow" in Spanish - why would the Egyptian Amari take a Spanish name?  Three, many details in the Hero short indicate that it takes place well before the events of Overwatch, but after the fall of the titular organization - which gives the starring child more than enough time to grow up into a badass support sniper.

The hope is that Sombra will appear sometime around the end of July, but I'll be surprised if it's that soon.  Pleased, but surprised.  ...though honestly, the idea of a sniper/support does not appeal to me.

That'll be like the only support class I never play. Speaking of support classes...

Pacifist, you say?

A certain someone may have put together yet another clip show!  The last one was pushin' five minutes, which I feel is asking too much of your time.  Instead, please enjoy this brief, two-minute collection of treasured moments.

0:00 - 0:18 : Junkrat thinks he's found the perfect place to sneakily pop his ult, but fortune favors a certain Mercy who catches him at his most vulnerable.  One elimination, one ult shutdown, and a 2X resurrection.

0:18 - 0:26 : This Zenyatta had been very effectively targeting me all match, and I couldn't resist busting through my Reinhardt's shield to give him what for.  True, I didn't expect my Rein to take off (he probably didn't expect me to take off either!), but I also didn't expect to take out that Soldier.

There's no way I should have.  I was kind of like "whelp, I'm gonna' die - but there's no reason to make it easy for him."  Imagine my surprise!

0:26 - 0:42 : Getting a single kill with Pharah's ult is pretty much equivalent to whiffing it - but two more rockets and a little help from my friends adds up to play of the match.  I've done worse!

0:42 - 1:28 : I actually got into a competitive group last night with three dudes who were actually using their headsets and not being assholes.  It was awesome - but this is just my sweetest move of the match as Mercy.  I pop my ult and res two allies just before they take out our Reinhardt - their McCree and Reapers pop their ults and their Mercy pops hers!  I have nothing to do but run, and I decide the best place to head is right into their Tracer, Mercy and Genji.

I don't think that Tracer expected me to kill her.  But that was her spatial-awareness mistake that left her blinking into that box, instead of into cover.

I'm sure that Mercy didn't expect me to keep coming.  What was she standing there waiting for?  To get shot in the head?

And then Genji gets me down to 2 hp before I fly to my Rein, and we're back on track.   Battle angel.  Fuckyeah.

1:28 - 1:51 : I got my first Play of the Game on Reinhardt!  Our Mercy brought me back at the perfect time, and while that was not the best use of my ult, it did result in a triple-kill, and us taking the game (competitive mode!)

The clip ends before I intimidatingly walk up to their door with my shield up, and Soldier and Junkrat just shrink back into their spawn as we take the point.


[update] Whups, I wanted to post this Proper British Overwatch Rap. 

Also this Mercy comic. 

I've never done this.  I've done the 5-rez, but I've never like waited for my dudes to die on purpose.  If you're The Tank (and you're good at it) you're getting rezzed.  If two of my boys are down, they're comin' back.  

At the same time, it does feel super-cool when you break 5 cards post-match.  It's like 'awww, thanks guys!'



  1. can you start including the artists to all of the art you post too? im having trouble finding them. thx

    1. I... can't actually. Or not entirely.

      After the game appeared, the fan art followed and this thread appeared on NeoGAF, thick with awesomeness which I quickly hoovered up with right-click-save. It took a lot of time to pull the good ones, and between that and my own searches on art and image sites, I'm now sitting on about a half a gig of Overwatch fan art.

      Then I sorted it all into categories (one for each hero, comics, genderbends and group images), and... I've put a ton of time into assemblind the collection.

      Unfortunately I did not put a ton of time into making sure each was named in a way that identified the artist - and I agree that it's bad. Ideally, each time I use an awesome fan art image, it would be accompanied with a link to the artist's site or page, or at least their name - but at this point, due to my poor planning and overall tight schedule, I don't have the groundwork laid to accomplish that - so here's what I'll do.

      Moving forward, when I find a new one and there's a source, I'll name the image with the source's information. For those already in the archive, though, the best I can do is post the images that are wider than they are tall in their full glory, so they can be enlarged and saved at their native res. For tall images, I have to resize them to 640 wide to fit the blog, or they'll be automatically reduced in size.

      So yes! Yes and no. And sorry. And I'll try!

      Also the Mercy comic above comes from Marko Raasina's tumblr.