Monday, July 11, 2016

Struggling game company haplessly stumbles across success.

Holy shit.

I knew it was a hit.  I mean, people are talking about it.  People at the office are talking about it.  I'm playing Overwatch with people who can't figure out why they're lagging, and then they discover their ping goes back to normal when they uninstall Pokemon Go - but this is the single biggest spike in Nintendo's value since 1985.

Lots of champagne in Kyoto today, I imagine.

"Sir, the latest numbers from our mobile division are in, and Miimoto..."

"You shut your fucking mouth and never say 'Miimoto' to me again.  Miimoto is dead to us, and the world!  We must pray they have forgotten our great failure.  We must make sure everyone knows about what can be done with Pokemon Go!"

"I... think they know, Sir.."

"...I think they know."

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