Thursday, July 14, 2016

Valkyrie Drive launches September 16th worldwide.

For more on Valkyrie Drive, please see your nearest peddler of irredeemable smut.

Eh, who am I kiddin'?

Preorders will receive eight "art cards," featuring anime girls and their breasts.  There's also an eighty-dollar "Liberator Edition" - the girls whose girlfriends transform into weapons are called Liberators in the game - which comes with the pre-order art cards, a "PS Vita peach skin case" (wtf is a "peach skin case"?), official soundtrack, official art book, and a "special box designed by producer Kenichiro Takaki."

Now, obviously, I'm preordering.  Counter-intuitively, I'm not gettin' the special edition - when was the last time I looked at a Senran Kagura art book?  Never, that's when.  When I opened the game for the first time, that's about it.

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