Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Okay there's actually a ton of little things.

PlayStation quietly announced an increase in the price of PlayStation Plus, which honestly hasn't really been worth it (in terms of the "free games") lately, via an update on a weeks-old post on the PlayStation Blog.  It's going up to $60 US and $70 Canadian, effective September 22nd.  So basically, if you wanna' keep your Plus membership and don't wanna' get bent over for it, buy a few years' worth nowish.

A PS4 slim has leaked, been confirmed by the venerable Eurogamer, and is probably gonna' get announced at that PlayStation event in early September.

Sony announced today that you'll be able to play PlayStation games on your PC and Alex was momentarily thrilled until he realized that they're only talking about PS Now games.  Which is literally like playing video games via Netflix, and stupid.

In the good news category, y'see that little USB dongle in the image above?  That's a PC wireless adapter for the DualShock 4.  Play Steam games without having to cord your controller to the computer!  Only $25, launching this September!

Awesome peeps Limited Run Games announced they'll be running 5,000 copies of Spike's Mystery Chronicles: One Way Heroics on PS4 and 5,000 copies on Vita!  Comin' this September.

Rise of the Tomb Raider's PS4-port/re-launch 20 Year Celebration's Blood Ties content got its own trailer and it looks not bad!

In Chamberlain-will-be-thrilled news, well-endowed action-RPG Nights of Azure is getting a sequel.

It's being worked on by a different team than the first game, which is probably good because it... did not receive positive reviews, and Chamberlain was pretty meh on it.  Apparently the action aspect of the action-RPG will be improved.  Oh, and it's announced for PS4 and Vita.  The Vita version will probably not come west.  Again.

Ummmm what else, what else... oh, apparently Hideo Kojima is hookin' up with Mads Mikkelsen for Death Stranding, which is cool.  I like Mads.  I think his Hannibal is definitive.

Announced today, the next thing from the crew that made the pretty-dammned-awesome Sleeping Dogs is... not what you hope it'll be.

Oh and highly-anticipated (though not by me) and quickly-forgotten (by me, and everyone else) PS4-exclusive puzzler The Witness is coming to Xbox One next month, and iOS after that.  Enjoy your pretentious bullshit, Xbox Nation!

In other news, #ItsAGreatDayFor is trending today, and I got all up in that biz for a good cause.


  1. As far as playing PS4 games on your PC goes... Remote Play actually works like a charm. It's pretty wonderful. Works much better than Vita Remote Play, in my experience.

    1. (1) I believe you, but I can't feel positive about the whole thing until I see it for myself.
      (2) I think they're talking about PS Now, here, which is a PS3/PS4 game playing on a cloud server somewhere that's streaming to your PC, and your control imputs are streamed to the cloud, and you see the change onscreen once it's streamed back to you. Again, this is a believe-it-when-I-see-it thing.

      I imagine it would work well with turn-based games, but I can't imagine playing like, Overwatch or Devil May Cry on it.