Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Today sucks.

(This is from Night in the Woods, which is unrelated to everything else in this post, but expresses my feelings well.)

Well, okay, it mostly sucks.  What good came out of today?   (Beyond bringing my SR up a few hundred on Overwatch?)  A smidgen of new Horizon: Zero Dawn footage that's kinda' like the viewpoints in Assassin's Creed except infinitely awesomer because giant robot dinosaurs.

Second, we got some actual factual Mass Effect Andromeda footage that... actually looks a helluva lot like those Mass Effect games we played back on the PS360.

Otherwise, today fucking sucks.

First of all, we had the PS4 Slim and Neo (officially called the PlayStation 4 Pro) reveal from Sony.  It took them an hour and a half to announce these two things.

Their big boast about the Neo seems to be that it supports high dynamic range, and then they announced that your classic PS4s will be getting a firmware patch next week that lets it support HDR.  Meanwhile, 

 Elsewhere, things get infinitely more sucky.

Hyper Light Drifter is cancelled for Vita.  Which is fucking insane to me, because they've shown it running on the Vita at trade shows but whatever I guess Alex Preston has been working himself to death and would rather abandon the Vita and Wii U versions of his (absolutely spectacular, top-5-games-of-the-year) game than like, die, and I guess porting studios don't exist and fuck everything.

Today fucking sucks.


  1. Mediocre!

    Where did you see that multiplayer games needed a patch? They announced that old titles, like Last Light, had been patched to use HDR.

    1. One of the Activision guys said Blops or somethin' was gonna' get a patch to play online with the Pro (I'm pretty sure). In the presentation.

  2. *Pours one out*

  3. Sooooo, what exactly is the point of the PS4 Pro, then? This seems like a complete waste of resources on Sony's part. Sure, faster processing speeds, but that's it. I don't see any reason for this thing to exist alongside the PS4 and the Slim

    1. To take a step back from the utter lack of hype...
      (1) It'll play PSVR games wayyy better.
      (2) It'll allow Sony to show super-sexy trailers for their exclusives next E3, which they're hoping will compete with what MS shows for Scorpio exclusives.
      (3) They'll be able to boast about having a significantly more powerful system until the Scorpio appears.
      (4) Some people want these little extra bells and whistles. See: Chamberlain.