Thursday, October 20, 2016

Okay so the NX is called the Nintendo Switch.

So here's the deal,

  • Coming March 2017. 
  • The young people in Nintendo's ads have suspiciously affluent apartments. 
  • The NX is exactly what we'd heard it was - a bigger screen than the Vita with detachable controllers on the side that has a dock for when you want to play it on your TV. 
  • All of the games shown (Skyrim, Splatoon, Zelda, Basketball Game Whatever) are ports, and the only new thing is a new 3D Mario title. 
  • Nintendo showed off a big list of partners that they say will support the Switch. 
  • It would behoove us to remember the Wii U had a similar list when it was announced. 
  • Word is this thing only has 4GB of RAM.
    How comfortable are those weird detachable controllers? PROBABLY NOT VERY
  • What's the battery life when it's off the dock?  THEY'RE NOT SAYING
  • What exclusives can we look forward to? NINTENDO WON'T TELL YOU
That said, you know I love the thought of a handheld with triple-As on it.  But who can really trust Nintendo, after the Wii U?  

Who should wait until like two years into this thing's life cycle before making a purchase?  Everyone

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