Saturday, October 15, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 22 : Sexy Robot.

It's a great big Overwatch jamboree!

Oh, worth noting, when the "boss" Witch Mercy appears in the Halloween brawl and does her ultimate, she shouts "my servants never die!"  She does not say it when a player uses her ult while wearing the Witch skin, however.  Players begged for it to be applied to her skin for players annnd Kaplan said "Ok.  ETA mid-Nov."


First of all...

I would like to begin by advising you that Alex had an awesome fucking Play of the Game on Dorado yesterday - he rolled like almost the entire enemy team.  Seriously - this is a quintuple kill.  One of the best Soldier ults I've ever seen.

And who's that damage boosting our heroic Soldier?  That's right - one of the best Soldier ults I've ever seen... and I helped!

Second, last night, finally, someone sent me a hate message on PSN.

The name didn't stand out to me at all - I had no idea who this person was - but I did remember a sweet roll on Volskaya.

We were up against two D.Vas, so I went Zarya and another on my team soon followed suit.  We did well, but I got to the point where I felt like the other Zarya wasn't supporting me nearly as much as I was her, and I wasn't detecting many heals from the Ana, so I decided to go roll a hero with a bit more survivability - Mei.

I was pleased enough with it that I recorded it, and when I re-watched it... ohhh that's who LuckySaintz is.  She's the D.Va I waved hello to after I killed half her team.

At this point, really feeling like my team wasn't working together and I pretty much just needed to go it alone, I had no fucks left to give.  They're all nice kills - the Soldier alone is pretty sweet - but I think popping up in that Pharah's face was definitely the scariest, for them.

Finally, the clip show!

Annnd I'm not even gonna' do the play-by-play today, 'cause it's all pretty self-explanatory.

  • I think I'm better on Tracer than I think I am.  We keep winning when I play her. 
  • As soon as I got the double-kill after that three-rez, I leaned into the mic and said "and there's your play of the game."
  • That Mercy was very thankful when I saved her from the Genji ult. Felt good. 
  • I actually got PotG for killing that Torb and Mercy in quick succession like that.  It was one of my worst PotGs ever. 
  • Eating a Whole Hog and a Death Blossom?  Delicious
  • The last third of this vid is all one match on Anubis.  We lost the game, when a D.Va ult took me down and their Reaper and Genji ulted on the point.  My ult charge was at 91%.  It was tragic.  Still, I got the PotG for the Zarya/Genji ult counter!


  1. I will NOT get "shizzed" as you say. Good day to you sir.

    1. Well, they did win the game - perhaps her indignation propelled her to heights of greatness. My lack of shits to give could not compete!