Sunday, October 30, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 23 - Magic In My Dancin' Shoes.

This week's clip show is a bit of a humble one.  There aren't any spectacular saves, there are no team wipes, there's just some good, honest Tracer work.  Some Mercy hunting on Ilios, some jazzy one-on-ones on Numbani, and the best parts of a phenomenal game on Hanamura where I ended with eighteen eliminations and a single death.  Glorious.

0:17 - 0:22 : Soloing a McCree always feels like hot shit, when you're Tracer.

0:32 - 0:44 : I did not know there was a Bastion waiting down there when I followed Winston off that ledge.  Also, I have no idea why that Zenyatta popped Transcendence - maybe it was just to save his skin?  Transcendence can't save his Mercy from a pulse bomb, though.

0:44 - 0:51 : Soling a Hanzo always feels like hot shit, when you're Tracer.

1:00 - 1:09 : This felt fucking amazing.  Doing a one-eighty before blinking, backwards, through a Reinhardt's shield to begin blasting him in the back is an old trick - and it's a risky maneuver, like a tank-dance with Mercy.  I'm usually putting myself right into the enemy line, with my fingers crossed that I won't get insta-gibbed by the Rein's team.

This one worked terribly well.

1:36 - 1:41 : Poor Reinhardt.

1:41 - 2:05 : It's not often that the Play of the Game actually reflects something you did that you thought was awesome.  Usually it's a numbers game - a 2-rez, 2 solo kills will do it, but more often than not it's a three-fer or a team wipe that'll get it.

This was awesome.  This felt awesome, at the time.   I can appreciate that for the other folks in the game (who likely pulled some awesome shit of their own), this was probably a disappointing PotG - but it was definitely one of those moments where I felt remarkably badass.

Our Mei throws up her ice wall, the enemy Reinhardt just on the other side.  I press my back to the wall and wait for it to shatter, and do a reverse-blink into the enemy line.  The Reinhardt has moved, and charges onto our point... but nobody from his team follows him!  Most notably, not the Mercy, who is almost instantly brought to 10% health by yours truly.  I chase her down and finish her off,

The enemy Tracer and I were at our throats for most of this game - more often than not, we would clash for a few frantic seconds, and each of us would go our separate way, in search of easier pickins.  On this occasion, I just got pretty darned lucky, and put every single round into that tiny hitbox before she could kill me.  Noice.

2:19 - 2:31 : Poor Mercy.  But dealing with Mercy, first and foremost, is the dark work of a good Tracer.  Every party-rez she gets off is a failure on my part.

2:31 - 2:44 : Chamberlain has asked me if these videos improve my play, at all.  And sometimes, it does - in this particular melee (woo McCree takedown!), I really needed to be more aggressive with the Roadhog.  If I hadn't blinked back and forth, and just gone straight for the pulse bomb, I woulda' taken him out no problem and gotten off scott free.

Still, two for one ain't a bad deal.

2:58 - 3:11 : Taking out an airborn Pharah, while standing on the edge of a precipice, a colossal red bullseye for her concussion blast, as Tracer, is some white knuckle shit.  ...but why did it only say I'd knocked off 20% of her health?  That's bullshit.

3:11 - 3:26 : This entire Numbani defense, my Tracer was on frickin' fire.  I managed this, mostly, by not going off on my own behind enemy lines to get picks.  I find, like Mei, Tracer is at her best when she's complimenting the DPS of the rest of her team - so when this Winston dropped in at the perfect time to help me take down Zenny and Hanzo, I really appreciated the help.

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