Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blizzard revealed Symmetra's rework today.

And it's not, actually, as crazy as I expected.  I don't know why I thought she'd get a more-dramatic overhaul than this, but... well, here's Kaplan's explanation video.

Okay so here's the breakdown:
  • Symmetra no longer actively projects shields onto her team mates. 
  • Instead, she has a big, oval, flat shield that she projects out in front of her, that travels forward in a straight line at her walking speed, and can absorb 1,000 damage!  Good for supporting pushes, screwing up a Soldier ult, or just putting on a light show!
  • She now starts with 6 charges of turrets, so she can immediately place all six at the beginning of a defense. 
  • The cooldown for a turret charge to generate has been slightly reduced from 12 seconds to 10 and, again, she can build up to six charges now - so when you drop your teleporter you can put a turret nest around it super-quick.  
  • Her alt-fire has remained unchanged. 
  • Her primary fire has been very slightly extended, so it locks on at about eight meters. Nice!
  • She now has two ults that she can cycle through.  When you hit Q/triangle, her teleporter will pop up.  If you hit Q/triangle again, it will switch to her (new) shield generator. 
  • The shield generator applies 75 HP worth of shields to every ally in range. 
  • The range seems to be like 50+ yards.  
  • It has an effective radius, but it's not affected by line-of-sight, so you can totally set this thing up behind the point on Anubis B and you're all set for like the entire area.  
  • As soon as an ally leaves that range, they have five seconds before the shields disappear.  
  • Upon re-entering its range, the shields are immediately re-applied. 
  • The generator seems to last until it's destroyed... begging the question - what happens if the enemy team doesn't destroy it when you like, get pushed back to point B?  Can Sym just never use her ult again for the rest of the game? 
  • Both the teleporter and the shield generator now have 400 health, most of which is regenerating shields. 
Here's a vid showing the area of effect of the shield generator. 

Also - and this has most people more excited than the Sym changes -
  • There'll now be a "group up" button in Quickplay and Comp to try to stick with a group if things went well!  So if your crew has an asskickin' good time and you all hit the button, it will automatically put you into a party together!  If three of you hit the button, it'll only bring in the three who hit it, and so on.  
Very cool!  Symmetra 2.0 is up on the Public Test Region right now, and will hopefully go live in a week or two. 

Oh, also, they're looking at releasing the next map (Oasis, a control map) in early 2017. 

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