Sunday, November 6, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 24 - I Ebb.

Sombra (and the one-hero limit coming to quick play) is the talk of the Overwatch town this week.  Sombra's kit is kind of ridiculous - in the same way Ana's kit is ridiculous -  but a lot of folks have suggested she's going to basically remove your bread-and-butter DPSers like Tracer, Genji, McCree and Reaper from the meta - as if she's that frickin' awesome at killing everything.

That's ridiculous.

Sombra's kit is insane and her ult is gonna' take a while for the rest of Overwatch's heroes to get used to, but she's not some ungodly killing machine.

  1. Her hack ability grants her and her team additional survivability in the form of extra health packs, denies them to her enemies, and debuffs her foes.  It does no damage. 
  2. Her translocator beacon has significantly more versatility than Tracer's recall and will boost her survivability, but again, it does no damage
  3. Her thermoptic camo's speed boost and relatively short cool down is again, very versatile, but again, no damage
  4. Her ult (while totes cray) is the only Offensive ult in the game that doesn't cause damage to the enemy team (apart from Zenyatta, Symmetra and Zarya's shields).  
The only thing Sombra has that can actually kill you is her machine pistol.  It's a high-quality DPS weapon, rivaling Tracer's damage and Soldier's range and ability to sustain fire, but it's still a single option for dealing damage, with no burst damage potential. 

If anything, Sombra will kick a support from their role - but there's no way she's just going to replace all the other more pure DPS classes.  

Moving on, I made a new clip show!

0:00 - 0:26 : What a stupid Transendence.  Our Ana ults our Reaper, our Reaper pops Death Blossom and I pop Transendence to keep him safe while he wrecks faces... but there are like no faces around to wreck, and the whole affair was pointless.  But oh shits now the enemy Reaper shows up to pop his ult!  Our Ana sleeps him perfectly, and I discord and wreck him before he can wraith away.  Then the red Genji pulls out his Dragon Blade and I discord and wreck him

Experience tranquility, motherfuckers.  

0:26 - 0:39 : I push forward to keep the reds busy while my team locks down the first point on Hanamura.  I'm not about to mess with a Junkrat up close, but a McCree, even backed by an Ana, is a worthy foe.  Of note: he never actually hit me - the Ana got a shot on me.  Also worth noting - hahahah he threw his flashbang after I stuck him with the pulse bomb.  

This week's song is May Day by UNKLE (feat. The Duke Spirit), also known as My Favorite Song from Grand Theft Auto IV

0:43 - 0:55 : One of those rounds where I totally forget to hit record, at least it made a highlight of this sweet triple while defending point A on King's Row.  That Soldier got wrecked, and that poor Genji!  He's just chillin' out, trying to get a health pack and then along comes a Tracer to ruin his day.  Also: one of the sexier recalls I've ever done. 

0:55 - 1:06 : The enemy Tracer, here, was a mean-ass Tracer, and dancing around three enemies at once is usually not a great idea, but we wiped half their team before the first point opened up!  

1:06 - 1:12 : What you don't see, here, is a second earlier, the sounds of that Roadhog ulting while boosted by that Ana, and me running past our friendly Tracer who's trying to flee from him.  I don't run away.  I run right up into his gas mask and plant an explosive charge on it.  Two for one!

1:12 - 1:22 : This was kind of a hilarious round on Hanamura.  The enemy team had two widows who got very little done, and (I think as a result) their Tracer just decided to hang out with my team by point A.  I'm keeping myself occupied, dealing with their Reinhardt, and I follow this Hanzo into our flank and get an easy bead on him.  But oh noes!  There's a Bastion in here too!  Bombs away!

I can't believe he didn't kill me in the time it took me to notice, bomb him and recall.  

Hi, Friendly Tracer!
1:22 - 1: 30 : I'd been keeping this team pretty busy without getting any picks, rolling straight through them shooting in all directions to turn them around while my team works on the front line.  I slipped around the back and came up on their flank, and - I'll be honest - getting a 2-pick here was pretty lucky. 

1:30 - 1:59 : A hard roll on the enemy team in Nepal, I was just keeping some attackers busy when I swung back towards my team to land on the point and finish off this Lucio.  Then Symmetra was an easy pick, and I turned back around to deal with the attackers.  Roadhog and Ana are about to land on the point! 

Bombs away!

I was never able to take out that Zarya - her charge was just too high - but we then pushed them hard, culminating in a PotG from our Reaper (with five assists from yours truly), but I'm most proud of building up a pulse bomb to drop on their 'Hog again so soon after the last one!  Hnyahnyahnyahnyahnyahhh

1:59 - 2:05 : Never gets old. 

2:05 - 2:22 : Just some good, solid Tracer work on the point, takin' down their supports and contributing to every single kill.  Good work, Tracer!

2:22 - 2:43 : This Genji and I had dueled each other to a stalemate in the room below, and he'd run off while I healed.  Thanks for the assist, Junkrat!  

I land behind the enemy Bastion with pictures of a stuck pulse bomb in dancing my eyes, but I miss the throw right as their Ana ults him!  But that's okay because (1) our Mei instantly walls him off and (2) my pulse bomb landed close enough to shear off almost all his health!  Ana-ulting-Bastion goes down!  And then I turn my attention to her...

2:43 - 3:30 : I can't help my team against Reaper and McCree's ults, but I can get myself out of the way of Deadeye and back into the fight quick enough to finish McCree off.  Their Genji pulls out his ult and comes for me, but his dash is on cooldown and, running backwards, I'm able to stick my pulse bomb to his face and blink away while he goes boom.  

But then I'm face-to-face with the rest of the enemy team, and the focus fire is tearin' me apart.  I blink back to my line, and I'm instantly shielded by our Sym and healed by our Zen. 

"Well, let's get back in there, I guess."  And then this happened.  I don't think I got the killing blow on any of them, but I contributed to all of them.  Mad Tracer action!

3:30 - 3:55 : Finally, three picks on the final push of a Hanamura attack.  Junkrat's got his back to me, so he's already halfway dead.  An ulting Reinhardt is a worthy assistant to take out their Ana, and Reaper!  Reaper, why didn't you shoot me when I basically blinked right into you?  

We'll never know, but that's your ass. 

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  1. That zenyatta news break got me. Got me pretty good. It's good to laugh on days like today.