Saturday, December 17, 2016

New deets about Darkest Dungeon's first DLC, The Crimson Court!

Okay, so dig this.  When The Crimson Court was announced, it was making some pretty-clear vampire references - here's the gorgeous/creepy-ass art we got back in October:

...suggesting that our enemies in the DLC will be vampires or otherwise blood-sucking parasites.  The community, then, immediately began praying towards developer Red Hook for an awesome Van Helsing-esque vampire hunter hero to stand alongside their Hellions, Abominations and Plague Doctors.  You can totally see it, right?  With a cool wide-brimmed hat and a cool long coat and like... I dunno, crossbows and stakes and shit?  That'd be awesome, right?

Well, in The Crimson Court, there are no wide-brimmed hats, there isn't a long Blade coat - but there are stakes.  There is a vampire hunter, and he's coming to kill you.

Awesome, right?  Meet the Fanatic.  He's a wondering miniboss, like the Collector and the Shambler, and he hunts your party.  Specifically, he's after any member of your party that has contracted a new disease in The Crimson Court - "the crimson curse."
As far as the visual design of The Fanatic goes, Bourassa told me he wanted to steer away from the classic vampire hunter tropes, like tall hats, gadgets, pouches, and crossbows. He’s more of a mad monk type of figure. “I imagine him as having gone rogue from the church, hunting the Crimson Court anywhere he can find them,” Bourassa said. “His scarred face gives the impression of having had a serious entanglement at some point in his past—perhaps that’s what finally drove him over the edge.”

“He’s got a few iconic vampire-hunting tools at his disposal—stakes, garlic, and prayer, but he’s given up on himself—he’s scarred & dirty,” Bourassa continued. “Nothing matters to him anymore except the pursuit of his righteous cause!”

Wherever possible, Bourassa likes to give the heroes and villains of Darkest Dungeon a signature weapon. The Fanatic’s is the warhammer as it felt like a great fit to Bourassa, plus it hasn’t been used anywhere else in the game. “The hammer has a ‘V’ on it, so when it’s heated up, every hit brands you as a Vampire,” he added.
Sweeeeet.  I finally tried a run, last night, in the titular Darkest Dungeon, and made it to the boss.  Woulda' killed it, I think, if I'd ever seen it before and understood what kind of skills I needed to have ready on my party.

...think I'll give it another shot, after today's bloggery.

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