Saturday, December 24, 2016

Oh. That feels good.

So this deliciously evil Widow is making my life tough on Hollywood attack. I'll dive through the choke to get to work, but as I do, she's always there at fifty yards to land a body shot. She was so good and aggressive I was actively avoiding her (which is weird for me). I race through the flanks, grab a health pack and as soon as I peek out, bam, she's there to body or headshot me. But I'm still in there behind enemy lines, doing good Tracer work. I'm buzzing their backline and pulling their Hog away, and surviving for minutes on end, just being a pest and waiting for my team to push. And when they do...

Genji pulls his sword and goes for the Hog right after one of my harassing sprays. Our attack Symmetra dives after him, he and Torb go down and their defense Symmetra throws her projected barrier up to protect Torb's turret and her allies in the little hallway to the health pack on the right. I blink into her and finish off the turret, turning around as our Rein drops the hammer, stunning Sym. I finish her off on the ground just before their Zen pops Transcendence, and spin into the hallway to find two figures on the ground, still stunned from Rein's hammer. I blindly drop my pulse bomb just as their ulting Zen swoops in to save the day and can do nothing when the bomb goes off and takes Widow and McCree.

Zen flees back to the point, my whole team dives on him, and I get the killing blow and 72 fire. We take the point.

We lost the match. But PotG was...

And I post it to the Penny Arcade forums and DasUberEdward says

Which is honestly huge to me, right now.  I thought the Young Love video was pretty awesome, but I got like zero reaction to it, which had me questioning the whole making-vidoes thing.  Plus life sucks in like fifteen different directions, at the moment, so just having someone say "you did a good thing" is... well, it's very valuable, to me.

Thank you, DasUberEdward ^.^

I'm hoping to have a Christmas clip show up this weekend.  I have successfully earned a PotG with every (good) Tracer highlight intro (that is, all of them except the Summer event one), and I'm hoping I'll have time to work on it tonight or tomorrow (I probably won't, but it's good to hope).

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