Sunday, January 15, 2017

Match Highlights 1 (Hanamura) - Shop Around.

So last night, it's really late and I'm playing Overwatch with my brother.  We're attacking Hanamura, but we have like no comp.  We have my brother on D.Va (the least protective tank you've ever met) and an Ana who's concerning herself mostly with killing the enemy team, so I'm more concerned with having fun than winning the match.  We begin taking point A and I move up to intercept any reinforcements coming in.  There's a Reaper, so I engage him from a safe range and get to work.  When I begin to close in for the kill, though, I get body-shot, and half of my health bar disappears.

I don't even have to look - I know what just hit me.  I'd been bodied by the enemy Widow.

Now, we have a D.Va - who hard-counters Widow, and can easily fly up to wherever she's hanging to harass her.  But that D.Va is my brother - who will never do this until you basically scream it at him and give him detailed directions on where to find her.  Nope - I had to take care of this on my own.

I spent the rest of the game almost-exclusively leaping across the high points of Hanamura B, hunting her down, killing her and saying "hi!", to the point that she went down to hang out under the protection of Torb's turret and Junkrat's spam.  So I went down and pulse bombed her.

It ended when I landed on her and their Sombra on the highest platform and emoted "hi!", causing them both to flee to the safety of the ground. I sat down. Soon, she she grappled up to the perch at the rear of the point, lined up a headshot on me... waited, in case it was a trick... killed me, and emoted "bonjour."

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