Monday, January 16, 2017

Match Highlights 2 (Oasis) - Oasis Blue.

Once upon a time, Chris and I are getting our asses kicked on Oasis.  It's the first time I've run Tracer around this map, and while I'm doing better, I think, than anyone else on my team (I'm on fire, gold elims, objective kills and objective time, yadda yadda yadda), we're just not gettin' it done.

Chris starts complaining that the enemy team is too hard.

I get to work.

For the record, the Roadhog is hilarious.

  1. A vanilla takedown usin' nothin' but blinks, and some sweet-ass hook dodges. 
  2. A brutal execution with my pulse bomb. 
  3. He sees me coming around the corner and freaks out and blows his ult on nothing ('cause I'm already gone), so I fill him with lead and our Roadhog hooks him.  Gorgeous. 
  4. He switches to Soldier.  Ha!
Also worth noting, the Sombra ambush denial at 1:24 and the line dive that successfully picks McCree at 3:32.  In my defense, I bit it to the Junkrat/Zen because my movement hitched up after the blink and I was sure I'd landed in his trap. 

Oh well.  Such is life. 

Oh and I'm sorry the show overall isn't up to my usual quality of action.  I'll try to make the next one much gooder!

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