Sunday, January 22, 2017

Match Highlights 3 (Gibraltar) - Neutron Dance.

I have determined that I now have three types of Clip Shows.  One is the classic - a bunch of the best moments of the past weeks' Overwatching.  The Long Cut is generally a single, unbroken take that lasts until I die, and my previous two videos were more... single-match highlights than true clip shows, interested mostly in telling the story of a single match than celebrating the awesomeness that is Tracer or Mercy.

So I've decided to embrace that with this entry - Match Highlights of a Gibraltar defense against a Mercy whose day I make very difficult.

This dominating Tracer work was brought to you by...

Symmetra, and her Fabulous Shield Generator


Torbjorn's Armor:  "Come Get'cher Armor!"

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