Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Oh damn The Flame in the Flood is out today on PS4...

But there's a new action-RPG on Vita that I wouldn't mind takin' a peek at...

It's also on PS4.  The Fate series is a pretty big deal, but I've never seen anything from it.  All I know is that Saber (the blond in the red dress on the left) is huge in the figure collecting community.  And it's not weird sex stuff either, it's usually like her in awesome armor and once, I think, in a wedding dress.  That went to a strange place very quickly.  Also,

Atelier Shallie Plus drops on Vita today.  But I'm waitin' for my physical copy from NIS America and... also never even started Atelier Escha & Logy, so... whatever.

I wonder where I left my enthusiasm?  I used to be silly with it.

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