Tuesday, January 10, 2017

On Cuphead.

In the podcast recently, Chamberlain expressed concern that gorgeous 1930s-cartoon-style platforming shooter Cuphead may turn in to vaporware - which would suck, because it's a platforming shooter that looks like a 1930s cartoon (without all the casual sexism and racism.)

So today, this tweet popped up.

And I'm like, "there we go - reconfirmed!"  But today when I got home to blog it, I realized that tweet didn't come from (Cuphead developer) Studio MDHR.  So I went digging.  Cuphead turned up several times in my Twitter feed today, so I expected an interview had occurred or some new media had been released - but no.  I can't find anything new in the past twenty-four hours on the game, but the "mid 2017" thing comes from this post on MDHR's website last October.  It's the second-last post on the site, just on the other side of a holiday greeting (and papercraft plans).

So let's say probably.  Cuphead will probably come out in mid 2017.  Maybe.  But remember yesterday when Microsoft confirmed that Scalebound was cancelled and pointed people towards a press thing about all the awesome shit coming to Xbox in 2017?  The word "Cuphead" does not appear on that page.


  1. At least we know what it's particular development hell will look like.