Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Overwatch Update!

As opposed to our Monday Overwatch update, Sunday's Overwatch post and let's not forget Saturday's post, which focused mostly on Overwatch.

Well today, Blizzard posted a new Dev video detailing
1. why the PTR isn't on consoles and probably won't be (duh), and how Blizzard uses it, 

2. they don't expect Sombra to ever be "a vicious assasin, even though she's in the offense category.  We could see equally see her almost being in the support category.  We see her more as a disrupter - a backline disrupter - than a frontline flanker or assassin." 
3. the changes to Roadhog's hook are indented to both address Roadhog players who feel cheated when their hook drops players in the wrong place and Roadhog victims who feel like his hook is bullshit.
4. D.Va's too awesome at everything and she's gettin' nerfed, Son.  
On the personal front, my Tracer is getting way better than she was last fall  Back then, she was in the 74th percentile - meaning I was better than about 74% of Tracers on PS4, and worse than about 26%.  Well now... 

Not.  Too.  Shabby.  88th percentile Tracer.  Fuckyeah.  Also, remember that owranklist site that tells you your best-ever match in Overwatch?  Back in September, it was a Mercy match on Ilios (I should pull her out on KotH more):

Well now it's a Tracer match on King's Row.  Fuck yes.

Now, let's post some news about other games.  For once.  Oh, and y'know what?  I think the Gel clip show from last week actually is a good one.  That's a good clip show.

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