Monday, February 20, 2017

My Earnest Prayers Have Been Answered.

Nendoroids for Mei and Mercy were confirmed at Wonfes in Japan!  Woooo I'll be tempted by Mei, but I'm getting two Mercies.

Also, Genji and Tracer will be appearing in Figma form.  What's a Figma?  It's a very high-quality heavily-articulated figure, also from (Nendoroid producer) Good Smile!  For example, here's the first Link Figma they did (another one is coming for Breath of the Wild).

Not bad, eh?  I expect Genji will work very well in Figma form.  I'll have to see Tracer first, but their Zero Suit Samus Figma turned out half decent.

But a Mercy Nendo oh my God, right?!  Woo! Like people have been making their own Mercy Nendos they want 'em so bad.

Can't wait to see the official version.

[update]  Oh!  Also, Alter's Okoi from the Muramasa: Genroku Legends DLC got a prototype!

Awesome! [/update]

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