Saturday, March 4, 2017

Some of my Horizon: Zero Dawn screens. (4K warning!)


I came across a few of these ancient sci-fi siege tanks, half buried near a stream on Nora land.  That's some nice environmental worldbuilding, Guerrilla.

Isn't this one gorgeous?  Weirdly enough my new Pro takes its screenshots in 4K, so if you expand this thing expect it to be fucking huuuuge.  But just look at the textures and surface treatment of Aloy's outfit.  This is the tier-one Nora stealth armor.  Here, lemmie blow it up a little.

Isn't that ridiculous?  This is what the game looks like, running in real time.  That's crazy!  Moving on...

A lot of critics have pointed out that Aloy's rappelling animation is ridiculous.  She doesn't attach her rappel line and descend line a normal person - she takes a flying leap off whatever high point she's standing on, spins around mid-fall and throws a grappling hook back up to to grab the ledge before sliding down the rope.  There's even a little flourish after she lands where she turns away from the camera, holds out her right arm and yanks the line back in - but the above screen, I think, captures Aloy's actual feelings during one of her rappels.

Look at her eyes, here.

She's like "you're damned right I'm bad ass." Once again, the textures on her outfit and skin?  Mindblowing.

The outskirts of Meridian.

And now, a few overrides.  Here, Aloy tames a Sawtooth.

And here, a Snapmaw!  The best way to get through some of the game's toughest fights is simply the override ability.  A Sawtooth is protecting a few Bellowbacks?  Override the Sawtooth and let him run wild.  I'm really hoping you can unlock the ability to override a Thunderjaw, but that will only become important if I ever meet a Thunderjaw.  At the moment I'm kind of comfortable that I haven't - just a few corrupted Stalkers screw my day up hard at the moment.

These are six shots of the same scene, same angle, at six different times of day to show the lighting engine at work.  Guerrilla, you too are bad ass.

I really should do more night time shots.  In the podcast this week, I told Chamberlain that Horizon is an open-world game that looks as good and full of detail and artful arrangements as The Last of Us.  This is a great example of that (not my screenshot - this comes from NeoGAF).

Finally this gif showed up on the NeoGAF forums today and I really need to share it.  It's just Aloy running across the landscape with a bit of fog going on.

Fucking ridiculous.

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  1. That certainly looks better than what I am currently playing.