Monday, May 29, 2017

A round on King's Row.

I've always just wanted to post an entire game, and last night season 4 ended - giving me enough competitive points to finally purchase a golden gun.  I should spend more time in comp.  Anywho... I was tempted by Mercy's for a whole half-second, but obviously it had to be Tracer.

This isn't my best work, but it was still pretty damned satisfying.  The music (Just, by Radiohead - a staple of my youth) doesn't fit very well at all... but it's the right length.

As we left the spawn with Lucio at the start of the game, I stuck to the healer and followed my brother through the choke, asking (with a bit of amazement) "what, we're just diving right in?"

"Yeah!" he said, and I went for it and got the Zarya down to nothin' and Hanzo finished her off and awww.... 

So I rip back in there and go for their Lucio and cut his head right off and awww...


One more time.

Annnd it worked out pretty well.

Point(s) of pride: juking the fuck out of that Zarya every time we meet, and a great pulse bomb to take the point, wrecking the Junkrat solo when we got the second checkpoint, whacking Genji out of the air with a melee when he tried to run and - the part I honestly loved the best - making the Hanzo, Ana (the Zarya switched to Ana!) and Junkrat so scared of me that they wouldn't leave their spawn as we pushed the payload to the point.

Point(s) of shame: leaving my team to dive their backline once we took the payload, only to harass their Zarya and Junk a little while my allies needed me, the completely-whiffed pulse bomb at the Widow and Ana, and the fact that the music really doesn't work.

Oh well.

Oh!  But in the good news category, for some reason I can make the Believer clip show (still my best, imo) live on YouTube!  And it got a fucking comment like five minutes after going live yeahhhh!

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