Friday, May 19, 2017

Destiny 2 revealed.

The big news surrounding this, to me, is that Destiny 2 - 30 FPS on consoles, 60 on PC - will only be available on PC through Blizzard's launcher.  Remember how they changed its name from  What's it called now?  I don't remember.

Either way - no Steam release, no Games for Windows 10, no GoG - you'll only be able to buy it on PC through the Blizz store.  Now that may seem crazy, but no - this is smart, good and normal.  First up, remember that Activision owns Blizzard.  Second, not having Overwatch or World of Warcraft on Steam haven't hurt their sales at all.  Third, this'll allow ActiBlizz a lot of freedom over how the game's online presence is controlled.  Good thinkin'.

Now I haven't actually watched any of the media from the reveal yesterday because I don't care about Destiny, but from what I've heard Destiny 2 looks like more Destiny.  See this?  This is my shocked face.

Gameplay reveal trailer:

Campaign gameplay reveal:

And the full one-hour-plus livestream:


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