Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Game Diary.

Today's news is the key art from Far Cry 5, which solidifies the game's setting of modern-day Montana, ties directly in to the Pagan Min key art from 4 and directly echoes the current violent religious zealotry that you'd hope wouldn't exist in the de facto leader of the free world, but one would be remiss to ignore the fact that it totally does exist.  So I love this.


After completing Prey last week I needed something to play when not Overwatching, and - having loaned my brother my copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn - I could either indulge in a constant companion like Darkest Dungeon or Galak-Z, or I could finally return to some of this gen's greatest gems.  I always feel bad about not going back and replaying the excellent Alien: Isolation, Dying Light, Until Dawn or The Order: 1886.

I actually had the case for The Order in my hand, standing in front of my PS4 when it occurred to me that playing the third-person shooter might fuck with my Overwatch muscle memory.  I put it back, and pulled out Bloodborne.  I've still never touched the Old Hunters DLC, and I wallowed in that grande dame of a game, loving every brutal second - but I'll get into that in the podcast tonight. 

No, I must admit, I'm still entirely in love with Overwatch.  What the fuck. 

So last night, after coming home to find PSN undergoing maintenance, I waited.  Did groceries, made dinner, helped my brother do some measuring to produce a blueprint of the house (long story), and I finally had a few minutes around nine o'clock.  

I have a little ritual, every time an event hits Overwatch.  I fire a $50 card into my PS4 (or a $50 and a $20, depending on my wallet balance), and pay like $67 for fifty loot boxes.  

Then, I unwrap those loot boxes.  What'd I score?  Well, I got...
  • Mei's Beekeeper skin - twice
  • D.Va's awesome Cruiser skin, I now feel no shame about not having Officer D.Va, and my brother is super jelly
  • Cyborg 76
  • Symmetra's Oasis skin
  • Ana's dance emote - twice
  • Junkrat's dance emote
  • Pharah's dance emote
  • Torbjorn's dance emote - twice, and
  • Lucio's dance emote
Then, obviously, I went into the hero gallery and unlocked everything I wanted for Tracer and Mercy. I went through all my heroes and bound their Sit emotes to up on the radial and Dance to down, slipped Tracer into her Graffiti skin and bound her fingerbang emote to right on the radial.  

I was ready.  

I danced my face off.  I gathered crowds of dazzled onlookers with my hoodie Charleston, and put in some mighty strong Tracer work to boot!  Man, it's all kinds of awesome to clear out the last three reds on the payload and just chill up there, dancin' the Charleston.  I was the belle of the ball, I tell you!  The belle of the ball!

Felt good. 

Tragically, my awesomest moment didn't come on Tracer.  (There was one where I leapt over a Roadhog and Zen, threw my pulse bomb down onto the Hog - stuck him - and blinked away... only to be headshot by a Hanzo, but...)  My awesomest moment came on a Dorado defense where I had, naturally, instalocked Tracer - but the enemy team had a Pharah that our McCree couldn't handle alone, and was fucking up my game, so I switched to Soldier.  

Ended up getting Play of the Game!  I TacVizored Lucio and Zero Suit D.Va in the lot just outside the final stretch, and then the Pharah started bombing me.  I looked up and wrecked her, 100 fire, without the benefit of the Visor, on a single clip.  

Felt frickin' awesome.  But I also got it while wearing that uggo Cyborg 76 skin, so I dunno', man.  I dunno. 

Still.  Dancin' the Charleston in an adorable hoodie.  Good times.  

Like one week 'till I get my golden guns!

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